What is Step It Up?

Step It Up is a research study funded by the Organization for Autism Research that focuses on using a self-managed exercise program to help adults with autism spectrum disorder and accompanying intellectual disability increase healthy exercise habits. The study will compare daily step counts, health measures, and perceived quality of life for adults with autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disability who wear a Fitbit® to those who wear a Fitbit® and also engage in a self-managed exercise program with the support of a coach. Participants will be randomly selected to be in one of two groups: The Fitbit® Group or the Fitbit®+ Coaching Group. After the study, we hope adult participants with autism and accompanying intellectual disability will continue to use self-management skills to meet new exercise goals.  Learn more...

We are looking for...

Adults who are 18+ and have autism spectrum disorder and an intellectual disability. This research project uses a Fitbit® and and self-management strategies to increase healthy exercise habits.


Earn up to $90
Get a Fitbit® ($59.95 value!)


Participants will need someone to be their coach during this project to help them meet new goals.
Earn up to $145